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3 steps to avoid party planning stress

High expectations can create high stress when planning a party. You're likely throwing the party for someone you care about so you want to make sure it is perfect. Also, you only get one chance on one day, so the margin of error is slim.

How do you avoid the stress (or at least lower it)?

1. Start early

This one is the simplest, yet you would be surprised by how long people wait to start the planning process. Procrastination is the enemy of party planning. I typically start three months in advance to give myself plenty of time. With our Festeva Party Boxes, you really can focus on setup and hosting rather than spend weeks researching, shopping and stressing.

2. Create a checklist

The checklist will track everything you need to do like sending out invites, ordering the cake, having a friend pick up the ice, etc. Big or small, put it on the list so you don't forget it. I like to keep mine on my phone so if I think about something while I'm picking up my boys from school or wake up suddenly during the night, I can quickly jot it down.

3. Create a calendar

Any project manager will tell you that a calendar is critical. You set the party date and work your way backwards using the checklist as your guide. For example, if you're ordering a custom cake, you'll want to place the order two weeks in advance and then pick it up the day before or the morning of the party.

One last thing. Expect some things to go wrong, so be sure to put it all into perspective. At the end of the day, you will be your hardest critic. And hopefully Festeva will take some of the stress out of the big day.

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