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Staging your party

Updated: Apr 27, 2019

Now that you've chosen all the amazing decorations, table settings, centerpieces, etc., what's next?

Transforming your home to host a party can be a daunting task. Here are some tips to take some of the stress out of it.

We typically look for three areas to host a party. The first is usually the kitchen, the second is the living room and/or the yard, and the bathroom. Let's focus on each one separately.

Kitchen Staging

Use your kitchen to stage the appetizers, main course(s), side dishes and utensils. As you can see in the photo of this blog, we used the countertop to create a visually stunning stage. You can also use your kitchen table to accomplish this. The kitchen can also serve as an overflow area for guests to mingle and eat.

Living Room Staging

As for the second space, we use the living room for the dessert and gift table. It will also be the area your guests can eat. Here are a few additional notes for the living room:

  • Consider moving your couch out so you have more space for tables and chairs

  • Not enough room? Re-purpose your furniture! Your couch table can become a place to set down appetizers, your book shelve could be transformed into the bar

  • You can also push your furniture to the walls to create more areas for standing space

Think about foot traffic flow: Do not set up a bar or drink area in your entrance. People usually linger around the bar (don't we all?), so please be mindful not to create bottlenecks.

Also, don't forget to close off areas you don't want entered. Place a big vase in front of your bedroom or decorate the stairs with flowers so nobody moves upstairs.

Bathroom Staging

Don't forget to prepare the bathroom. Once you clean it (yes, please make sure it's been recently cleaned), take some of the supplies to decorate. For example, you can place some of the napkins next to the sink so your guests can dry their hands. You can also hang a couple of the pom poms from the light fixture.

Additional Staging Tips

  • Decorating the walls can be as important as the table. Can you find a wall you can turn into a makeshift photo booth where your guests can take a selfie?

  • Create a drinking table that offers one or two signature drinks (e.g., baby girl lemonade).

  • Put small bites around the party space to avoid an over-run buffet.

  • Don't spend lots of money on flower arrangements. Buy a few bunches of mixed flowers at your grocery store and arrange them in vases.

Lastly, try to enlist the help of a friend to prepare your home the day before or early the day of. Also, don't forget about yourself. Allow some time to get ready before your guests arrive.

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